Our Operational and Fee Policies

We are pleased that you may wish to consider engaging our location photography or stock photography services.  So that you can better understand our operational policies and fee structure, we would like to explain our usual working methods.  If you have any questions, let’s discuss them before we begin working together.

We do not, in normal practice, sell the pictures we produce.  Rather, we license usage rights to those photographs and retain the copyright, What we are selling, simply stated, is the technical and artistic ability to illustrate an idea photographically and the right to reproduce or use those photographs in a given context.

When pricing an assignment or a stock usage there are fees including combinations of a CREATIVE FEE, HARD COPY OR CD/DVD DISC FEES, and, (in some cases) USAGE FEES, plus EXPENSES.  The fact that expenses are included in the total cost does not entitle you to any specific rights to the resulting photographs. Our entire work product is subject to negotiation.

Whether we are discussing assignment work or the use of our stock photographs, our fees are based on the rights you buy, so we need to be specific about how you want to use the picture(s) before any fee for usage is established.  We are willing to sell almost any rights to the images (we usually retain, at minimum, the rights to use the images in our own self-promotion). Most of our clients find that it is to their advantage to purchase only the rights they need in the first instance and come back later to purchase additional rights as needs develop.  Naturally, we take into consideration the original usage when pricing additional uses, particularly if the first use was an assignment for the client. Keep in mind that we retain property rights to our photographs and that we will expect these photographs to be used to no greater extent than the specific usage we have stated by contract.

No use of our photographs is authorized until payment in full has been received.  Once the fee is negotiated and work delivered (sometimes, in the case of stock photo usage, this order is reversed) we will send you an invoice indicating the Copyright License granted.  The fees and the specific use rights for which you have contracted will be clearly stated on the invoice. Uses that are not clearly defined on the invoice are not authorized; those specified on the invoice are authorized only after the bill has been paid in full. All uses must be negotiated in advance of the usage. .  Unless we specifically authorize it, no third party uses are permitted.

If you are interested in reviewing the paperwork, we will be happy to forward copies of some of our standard forms.  We are willing to consider specific needs and concerns of our clients; we always make an effort to be flexible.  We understand budgets and value long-term business.  If there are modifications you might wish to have included in our agreements, please bring them up for discussion.  Thank you for doing business with us.