Industrial Photography Services

Industrial photography may take a number of forms.  Construction progress documentation can include on-site monthly photos of a built environment’s development or monthly aerial photos that look at the broader scope of construction over the duration of the project.  In other cases, photos are valuable in looking at specific processes, their uses as construction solutions, sequences in the implementation of a processes and a broad range of product marketing applications.  Industrial photography environments such as warehouses, the manufacturing floor, shipboard power plants, various energy development sources such as solar production, dams, oil production, and chemical, refinery, building materials and just about any production environment are all unique challenges.  The possibilities are endless.  No two projects are ever the same.

Before beginning any industrial photography location project – regardless of the situation — my first effort is to LISTEN and to UNDERSTAND the needs of my clients.  With a clear understanding of your visual communications goals, I can usually offer suggestions and guidance — based of over thirty years experience as a commercial photographer — and then apply an array of creative solutions to produce location photos of the industrial environment and the people involved that effectively fulfill a client’s marketing and/or illustrative needs.

Each industrial situation is unique; no two projects are ever the same.  The industrial situation can be especially challenging as a lighting, access, or positioning puzzle. That being said – I am always pleased to discover that photos of the industrial environment – though often quite utilitarian, often messy, often dark – can result in striking and sometimes amazingly beautiful photographs.

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