Architectural Photography Services

Architectural photography, as a general element of my location photography services to the corporate and the industrial environments, is a natural skill set.  In particular, matters associated with the needs of real estate photography require both interior and exterior architectural views.  My clients range across the real estate development marketplace, from architects and urban planners, to property developers, land, home, and commercial property owners, magazine publishers and manufacturers.

I try to keep my architectural photography  both as simple as possible and economical.   It is usually beneficial — at the bare minimum — to throw some amount or additional light into an interior environment.  Having made that assertion – as much as possible I try to avoid an over-produced look and feel when I am working inside.  Working outside presents it’s own set of challenges – viewpoint, vegetation, sun angle and time of day, high-rise structures, perspective, clutter, the all-to-common power line.  In some cases an aerial perspective is a good way to see a large building or complex of buildings in total.

Each architectural situation is unique; no two projects are ever the same.  Before beginning any architectural photography project – regardless of the situation — my first effort is to LISTEN and to UNDERSTAND the needs of my clients.  With a clear understanding of your visual communications goals, I can usually offer suggestions and guidance — based of over thirty years experience as a commercial photographer — and then apply an array of creative solutions to produce location photos of the built out environment that effectively fulfill a client’s marketing and/or illustrative needs.

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