About Us

 As a commercial location photographer based in Seattle,   I produce assignment corporate and stock photography including:

  • Executive Portrait Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Location Photos of People & Places
  • Panoramic Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Marine Photography
  • Construction Progress Photography
  • Pacific Northwest & National Stock Photos

What I am selling, simply stated, is:

  • The technical and artistic ability to illustrate a commercial idea photographically
  • The right to reproduce or use my photography in a given context

I have been a member of the Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) since I began my career in 1981, first as an aerial photographer and then expanding to offer corporate photography services.  We understand budgets and value long-term business relationships.  I service Seattle, the Puget Sound area of Western Washington, Washington State, as well as the western states ranging from Canada to Mexico.   Please take a moment to read about our operational and fee policies, which will give you more detailed information about the terms under which we engage corporate, industrial, portrait, aerial, marine, architectural and stock photography assignments.  Before entering into a commercial business relationship with our clients, we will engage in a thorough discussion relating to the elements of the corporate project, the approaches for completing the photography, any ancillary fees, and the photo usage rights you are purchasing.  We may ask you to sign a letter of understanding acknowledging that you have read and agree to our commercial photography terms.

I enjoy the challenge, the endless variety of assignment photography work. In my estimation, each successful foray into the photography world is a personal source of pleasure. If photography ever ceases — in my mind — to be a miraculous process, it will be time to quit and do something else. It hasn’t yet.

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