Portrait Photography Services

The variety that comes from portrait photography is always a challenge that I relish.  Faces are fascinating.  My subjects range from children and families to people at work, executive portraits, and public relations head shots. Portraits of large groups –business employees, company parties, events, educational, and special groups – present their own challenges.  No two projects are ever alike.

Rather than maintaining a studio, I work in an appropriate space at your place of business when I am engaged to produce corporate headshots, environmental portraits, or photos of people doing their jobs.  Head shots on site usually require a conference room with some space, thought I can work in a hallway or on a production floor if it is necessary.  Whenever I am making portrait photos of people in situational contexts, I try to invoke a sense of “real life / ordinary people”.  In the corporate environment I make an effort to produce images demonstrating the interrelationship between people, their corporate environment, and their livelihood. In the business environment, my goal is to illustrate to your marketing audience why your company is a good place to do business!

Before beginning any portrait photography project – regardless of the personal or business situation — my first effort is to LISTEN and to UNDERSTAND the needs of my clients.  With a clear understanding of your visual communications goals, I can usually offer suggestions and guidance — based of over thirty years experience as a commercial photographer — and then apply an array of creative solutions to produce location photos of the people involved that effectively fulfills a client’s goals.

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