Marine Photography Services

Marine photography serves as an adjunct to the broader context of both the aerial and the industrial photography categories.  Marine photography has become my favorite skill set.  In the aerial photography realm, the opportunity to climb into a helicopter (always the platform of choice), zoom out into the watery world, and chase a vessel wherever it is under way, is – to be blunt – a hoot.  Without reservation, marine aerial photography is one of the favorite things I will do on a given day.  At the dock or on board a vessel, the industrial environment presents a wide range of photographic challenges from – in some cases – cramped spaces, to –in the other extreme –sheer size, challenging lighting, hazardous equipment,  constant variety.

To effectively capture graphic, functional photographs, it is important to understand the scope of the client’s needs.  In most cases I can advise my customers about what it takes to produce views that best illustrate a marketing or editorial message or process.  Aerial  photography is especially effective for describing the scope of marine equipment, the global shipping industry, marine facilities and terminals, or – in the case of luxury vessels – features, capacity, and the pleasure of ownership.  As is always the case, we are happy to travel anywhere in the US or internationally as may be required.  I have access to helicopter services anywhere in the country.

Our clients include, marketing professionals, marine services and international shipping industries, boat builders, yacht owners, marinas, marine architects, equipment manufacturers, and a continually expanding array of others  Aerial views are best produced from a helicopter platform.  Aboard ship, the techniques useful to the broader category of industrial photography are applicable.  A digital camera is the equipment of choice.

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