Location Photography Services

Location photography services incorporate all aspects of what I do in the corporate and the industrial environments, in the air, when producing portraits (I work strictly on location at the client’s place of business or environment of their choosing), or creating stock photos.  The location — regardless of it’s nature — allows us to use the environment as a key element in the photograph.  This is my version of working in the trenches.  No two situations are ever the same;  there is always some element of complication!  The challenge with each new situation is to recognize creative opportunities  for capturing what is unique about the location within the context of the job.   Real estate photography, for example, requires both interior and exterior architectural views.

My clients range across the board — from the real estate development marketplace including architects, urban planners, to property developers, general and specialty contractors, land, home, and commercial property owners — to magazine publishers, manufacturers, the marine shipping industry, and all sorts of corporations in need of visual content.

I try to keep my location photography services as economical as possible.   As much as possible I always try to avoid an over-produced look and feel when I am working at any location.  Working outside often presents major challenges –- viewpoints, vegetation, sun angle and time of day, high-rise structures, perspective, the all-too-commom clutter,  power lines, distracting elements.  In many cases an aerial perspective is a good way to see a large building or complex of buildings as it relates to the general landscape.

Before beginning any location photography project –- regardless of the situation — my first effort is to LISTEN and to UNDERSTAND the needs of my clients.  With a clear understanding of your visual communications goals, I can usually offer suggestions and guidance — based of over thirty years experience as a commercial photographer — and then apply an array of creative solutions to produce location photos  that effectively fulfill a client’s marketing and/or illustrative needs.

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