Aerial Photography – A Helicopter View of Big Acreage

Last year I wrote about making aerial photography of a 10,000 acre Montana ranch property from an airplane.  It, however, is also feasible to look at big sites from a helicopter.  I was contracted by a California marketing consultant working with the marketing department of the Suncadia Resort, in Cle Elem WA for this project, which was perfect for a helicopter platform.

The Suncadia Resort is a 6,000 acre planned resort community in Central Washington, essentially along I-90 just over Snoqualmie Pass to the east of Seattle.  The client wanted an aerial overview of the property and a closer look at

Butterflied Ricotta Chicken on the Grill

Let’s be clear, I claim to be a location photographer.  I am NOT a food photographer, nor do I wanna be.  For sure, photography is a great pleasure and I regard it — even after having been at the commercial photography for over 30 years — as something of a miracle.  I love what I do.

But, there aren’t many things I enjoy more than cooking.  Having hundreds of recipes of all kinds, I like to contend that I could fix a different  dish for every meal and never eat the same meal twice for the rest of our lives.

Marine Photography – Industrial Photography – Technical Photography. Which…?

An East Coast marketing communications firm e-mailed me from a “marine photography” web search.  They were “looking for an experienced photographer to shoot very technical images onboard a container ship.”  The images they needed were “of an engine/scavenge port inspection and of shipboard equipment (engine, generators).”  She wanted to know if I had any experience shooting onboard a ship and if I was interested.

Am I interested?  Absolutely!  Experience?  I’ve done some small-scale tugboat shipboard engine room and container ship bridge equipment work, but frankly, this sort of shipboard marine photography experience has, till now, been minimal.  So, a good

In Aerial Photography, 10,000 Acres Looks Like What…?

Just exactly what does 10,000 acres look like?  An aerial photography project that looks at that much acreage doesn’t come along very often (at last not for me).  Most of the properties I look at in the commercial  photography business range from downright small, to urban properties, to maybe a hundred acres or so.


This aerial photo of some island property in the Snohomish River Valley, as you can see, seems to be tiny, though the actual acreage is more than is evident.  With the advent of climate change, island property such as this is likely to become